Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ahhhhh Sunday

There is something uniquely bonding about suffering together, showing up when you don't really want to, running in freezing rain, finishing your work and circling back to help a fellow athlete and supporting one another. Sure, we get irritated with one another at times but relationships forged in fire are ones that are not easily broken.

I have many friends, but I can honestly say the closest people to me, the ones who help me through the hard times, the ones who are there when I need them most, are the same people who correct my form, and support me through Fran that takes longer than my ego prefers.  Think about it...What about you?  Who are your "go to people?"...Fellow CrossFitters.  The friends you make here become your family.  They help you when you're injured, they have your back in times of need,  they run with you even if it slows their own pace down, they go through paleo challenges with you (with the occasional "corn break:") and call B.S. when you cheat or give a stupid excuse when another athlete beats you.  They find the same sadistic thrill out of "Murph" and celebrate with you when you announce "Hey I finally beat you today!".  Most of us have lots of friends, but we also have a CrossFit FAMILY and I'm grateful for mine!

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  1. Well said, I couldn't agree more. I find myself wishing other people could experience the community of CrossFit friends I have. We are all better together - Sean