Where are you located?
We are a YMCA and a CrossFit affiliate located at 2026 First Street in Port Angeles, Washington. Our facility is 5500 square feet of CF fun!
What equipment do you have?
Olympic bars/bumper plates, pull-ups, ropes, rings, kettle bells, wall balls, plyo boxes, sleds, GHD's, ergs and more. 
What are your fees? 
Note:  In other communities CrossFit is $120-$210 per person per month

Adults - YMCA Members:  
$55 per month/3 days wk
$75 per month/4 days wk
$95 per month/5 days wk                                      
Teens - YMCA Members:  
$35 per month/3 days wk     
Kids - YMCA Members:     
$25 per month/3 days wk 
Your YMCA membership includes a whole host of amenities. Some of them are:
  • A fully equipped wellness center with cardio machines and free weights
  • Gymnasium with access to basketball courts
  • Playcare on-site for kids
  • Racquetball courts
  • Locker room and sauna
  • A library and mat room
  • More than 30 group fitness classes including yoga, zumba, cardio kickboxing and more!    
How do beginners start?
Please use the "Start Here" tab.
Can athletes from other affilliates workout with you?
Yes. Please contact crossfitdawnymca@gmail.com before you drop in.
When are classes?
3pm and 4pm CrossFit Kids Only

Class Structure:
Warm-up and mobility work
Explain the WOD, rehearse & scale (if needed)
Group WOD
Cool-down or skill work

Who are your coaches?

All of our coaches are active CrossFit athletes and are committed to excellence. They come from various backgrounds and range in age from thirty-something to fifty-something. Each has his/her unique personality and way of coaching but the overarching goal is to assist athletes to be their best.
Listed Alphabetically
Kyle Cronk, OPYMCA C.E.O.
CrossFit L-1

Sean Johnson, OPYMCA Volunteer

CrossFit L-1
CrossFit Oly Lift

Dawn Mason, Head Coach
CrossFit L-1
Adrianne Rygaard

CrossFit L-1
CrossFit Kids
Brian Winter
CrossFit L-1

CrossFit Mobility