Saturday, March 2, 2013

Connie's CrossFit Story

One of many CrossFit success stories, this one is from Connie Walker.

(It was two years ago this month that michelle h. encouraged me to start my crossfit journey. The Y was starting a crossfit for weight loss. There were 12 people in my original class. It was initially taught by michele then Dawn Mason and Sean Johnson donated their time to work with us. Over the last 2 years I have had struggles..setbacks..but more importantly triumps. When I started I couldn't run more than one lap around the track...I couldn't do a box jump or a double under or even a real pushup. Now I have run up to 6 miles on the discovery trail! I have lost almost 70 pounds and I think I am the only one left standing from our original group! Besides the physical accomplishments I feel that the crossfit community has helped me grow mentally and spiritually...the people that I have met over the last two years are truly inspiring! I dont know where I would be without crossfit and I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged me..yelled at me...worked out with me. Here's to the next 50 pounds and a healthier fitter future!)

Connie – you and all the other CF athletes are why we love what we do!

You ALL inspire us!
The Coaches

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