Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Post For Monday, February 12th is...


Round 1:  1 Forward Roll and 1 burpee
Round 2:  1 Forward Roll and 2 burpees
Round 3:  1 Forward Roll and 3 burpees
and so on and so on

Dear CF Adults and Teens,

We understand that CF is hard AND that it is not fun to hear someone say "get your butt down on your squats" or "chest to the floor on those push ups" when you are dead-tired and just want the WOD to be over.  It's irritating especially if you thought you were doing it right.  We promise that we will not correct your form if it does not need correcting.

WHAT'S IN A NUMBER?  On the basketball court, baskets that bounce off the rim do not count as points.  In CrossFit, our "point" system is Rx movement.  In class your Coach's roll is teacher, nurturer, cheerleader and motivator HOWEVER the moment your Coach yells "3,2,1 Go!" he/she becomes the referee in a the sport called CrossFit.  It is his/her responsibility to make good calls and not allow points that were not earned.  You cannot see your range of motion during a WOD.  Your coach has been trained not only to see improper movement, but to bring it to your attention.  From this point forward, we will not allow "points" to appear on the board that were not earned.   
A WORD ABOUT SCALING:  "Scaling" is NOT a scarlet letter.  It simply means that the athlete currently has limitations due to flexibility, strength, genetics, injury, rehab etc. and that he/she cannot execute the movement as Rx'd.  "Scalilng" is indicated with a star on the board.  A star alerts others that you are not comparing your score to athletes who are performing RX movements.  If you have partial range of motion and do not like to see a star by your name, simply do not put your name on the board.  

You, as a CrossFitter, are welcome to compare yourself to YOU by keeping track of your own scores in your journal.  You never have to write your name or score on the board.  If this is your wish, please make sure your Coach knows.  We honor and support that 100%. 
However, the moment you put your name and "score" on the board, you are indicating that you are willingly entering the "sport" of CrossFit where CF athletes "compete" by comparing their time or score against others who have earned their score on a level playing field (same weight, same range of motion and same form standards).   

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